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SMARTS Day, Thursday 19 May 2016…Hawker Park Primary School initiated a day incorporating Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence’s in order to tap into the different ways students learn.  The day gives the students a chance to choose learning activities that are particular to their ‘SMARTS’.  SMARTS is our way of communicating to all students that we acknowledge that they have a preferred way of learning.  Students are given an opportunity to think about what they like to do and select 4 activities out of 16 that cover the Multiple Intelligence’s such as Bodily Kinesthetic, Logical/Mathematical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Musical, Verbal/Linguistic, Naturalist and Visual/Spacial.  Volunteers and staff members select an activity to present in their dominate SMARTS and together they explore, create and experiment in a fun-filled day of learning.

There is no acronym for SMARTS however at Hawker Park we have so many amazing, really talented students that we like to celebrate by giving them an opportunity to shine outside of normal curriculum constraints.  The day is rich in learning and collaborative in approach as Kindergarten children learn alongside Year 6’s in multi-aged groups of like minded individuals.

2015 was the inaugural year for SMARTS and was very successful for all involved.  The students agreed that it was the best day they have ever had at school.  Everyone is very excited about the 2016 SMARTS day as it is sure to be another great success.

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