1:1 Device Program

We invite our upper school students to join our voluntary 1:1 Parent Funded Device Program …

Currently our school is in its fourth year of implementing our 1:1 device plan to fulfilling our vision; that within 3 years our school with be operating a 1:1 program from Year 2-6, bringing our teaching firmly into the digital world.

The school completed a cabling program placing Wi-Fi in all teaching areas allowing individual devices and the school set of iPads to be used throughout the school. These actions have been assisted with thanks to the ICT levy paid by families.

We have had enormous support from our families, with almost all students having a device to bring to school every day.  This has made it much easier for our teachers to integrate the use of ICT into the whole curriculum.

In Brief … What devices are used for what year?

Kindergarten to Year 3: Students have access to our school set of Apple iPads
Years 4-6 – 1:1 Apple Macbook Laptop

Year 1, 2 & 3

If your child is entering year 2 in 2019 no 1:1 device is required.  Use of the school desktop computers and iPads are used.

Year 4

As previous years all year 4 children will be involved in our 1:1 laptop program. Parents are asked to consult updated information about the purchase of various Apple laptops through our partners Winthrop Australia. These purchases are made online and the computers are delivered to school.  (a link will be here when live purchasing is available)

Year 5 & 6

Students who were involved this year will again be involved next year while students who did not purchase a laptop in the previous year may, if they wish to. Greater access to stand alone computers will be made available for students who do not have their own laptops during class time and were not part of the program in the prior year.


All devices purchased through Winthrop have an Apple Care component, which allows for students and parents to receive 24hr/7day a week technical support.

Winthrop also has an insurance component which can be purchased through their package. It is MANDATORY that all laptops and iPads that are brought to school must be insured. The school does have strict guidelines for the use of the locked storage cabinets available in all classes. Some people’s contents policies may cover devices, but a call to your insurance provider is highly recommended

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