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History of Hawker Park Primary School

Opened in 1982 as a Level 5 School by Foundation Principal Lou Moran, the catchment area of this northern suburbs school in Warwick is contained by Warwick and Beach Roads, the Mitchell Freeway and Erindale Road. The original area was the ‘Springvale Estate’ development. Despite research, there appears to be no significance in the origin of the name ‘Hawker’. Enrolment currently stands at 225 students from Kindergarten to Year 6.


Hawker Park Primary is an Independent Public School surrounded by natural bushland and large open spaces which combine to create a calm and inviting place of learning.

This northern suburbs school in Warwick is located 17 Km north of the CBD and walking distance from the Warwick train station. Enrolments currently stand at 225 students from Kindergarten to Year 6 giving the school a strong community feel. We offer an Early Learners programme for pre-kindergarten children to attend with their parents, for two hours each week.

In 2014 we began the implementation of the ICT 1:1 Apple device program for Years 2-6. By 2017 we have students in Years 4-6 excelling with their laptops used across the whole curriculum.

With strong support from parents, over 90% of our students from years 4-6 have their own devices while the younger students access a bank of school iPads and desktop computers.

As an Independent Public School, Hawker Park Primary endeavours to motivate and inspire all students by offering a safe and positive environment which actively fosters their social, emotional and academic attributes to their full potential. Our pastoral care is based on our three core values of respect, kindness and manners.

We seek to facilitate and develop enthusiastic lifelong learners who are able to positively participate both independently and collaboratively in the 21st Century exhibiting leadership, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, resilience, perseverance, compassion and happiness.

Invaluable direction and support is provided to the school through community representatives, parents, staff, the School Board and an active Parents and Citizens’ Association (P&C).

Our dedicated and highly competent staff ensure our focus continues to be on literacy, numeracy and values with an emphasis on using technology as a learning tool throughout the whole curriculum.

School programs offered at Hawker Park Primary include but are not limited to:

  • Music taught from Years P-6 by a specialist teacher who leads our choir to perform with pride at various events. Instrumental Music, taught to talented Year 5 and 6 students by visiting teachers on a weekly basis.
  • Indonesian taught from Years 1-6 by a specialist teacher.
  • Competitions, entered by talented students. Some include Speak Up Awards, Write a Book in a Day, Designing Advertisements.
  • Physical education that includes interschool competition against other schools, athletics carnivals and cross country competitions.
  • The SMARTS program aims at discovering learning potential by exploring students Multiple Intelligences.

Students learn in comfortable, clean, well-furnished and equipped, air-conditioned classrooms suitable for 21st Century education. Across all year levels, the school boasts an experienced and remarkably professional staff, one of whom was presented with a National Excellence in Teaching Award in March 2015.

The highly qualified Staff provide a wide range of expertise, assisting students to develop into well mannered, respectful and kind people, enabling them to become confident and effective members of the community. Staff recognise the wide range of interests and abilities of our students who are catered for through a comprehensive support, intervention and enrichment program. In the senior part of the school there is opportunity for students to become School Captains and participate in leadership roles.

The school encourages excursions and visitors to enhance the learning program and the Year 6 students enjoy an annual camp. At the end of each year, the school community celebrates the maturing of students and their subsequent movement to secondary education through an annual Graduation Christmas Concert.

Hawker Park Primary School’s motto, ‘Together We Grow’, epitomises students, staff and parents working together in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork for the benefit of the whole school community.

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