School Board

The Board is formed with the fundamental purpose of enabling parents and members of the community to engage in activities that are in the best interests of students and will enhance the education provided by the school.

School board members are elected for a maximum of 3 years and are elected from the staff, parent body, community and local business.  The School board meets once a term. Additional meetings may be called as required.

2019 School Board Members:


Name Member Position
Justin Pereira Community  
Claire Hall Community  
Belinda Hall Parent President
Meredith Green Parent  
David Peacock Parent  
Loveinder Madahar Parent Vice President
Andrew Hadfield Parent  
Catalina Gonzalez Parent Secretary
Irma Roberts School Staff  
Andrew Etheridge School Staff  
Liz Everall School Staff  
Tess Jones School Staff  
Sandie Beard School Staff Executive Officer (non voting)


Parents are able to contact the School Board directly through Hawker Park Primary School office or via their email address:



The role of the school board is one of setting the long term future for the school and maintaining oversight (not management) of the school’s operation. It is not about running the school – that is the job of the principal. It is about providing additional expertise and add a layer of accountability to help the school achieve the best outcomes for the students.



The responsibilities of the School Board are:

  1. establishing and reviewing from time to time, the school’s objectives, priorities and general policy directions
  2. the planning of financial arrangements necessary to fund those objectives, priorities and directions
  3. evaluating the school’s performance in achieving those objectives, priorities and directions
  4. To understand and revisit the Delivery and Performance Agreement (DPA), business plan , school budget and annual report on a regular basis.
  5. approve fees, charges, contributions and items of personal use (booklists)
  6. approve arrangements for sponsorship and advertising
  7. formulating codes of conduct for students at the school and review school policies as necessary e.g. Dress Code
  8. assist with principal selection when a vacancy arises (the chair of the School Board will be a member of the selection panel)
  9. create interest in the school within and across the community
  10. liaise with other committees within the school e.g. the P&C
  11. hold one open meeting each year to report to the school community
  12. to interrogate student performance on a regular basis.

The School Board does not:

  1. manage the day to day running of the school.(for example, it does not employ staff, decide which classes students will be assigned to, or resolve issues relating to individual teachers and students and/or parents);
  2. discuss individual issues relating to teachers, staff or parents – these are very clearly management roles and therefore the responsibility of the principal
  3. represent specific interest groups, or permit special interests to dominate the agenda of the Board
  4. intervene in the educational instruction of students
  5. purchase land, buildings or motor cars, nor enter into hire purchase agreements or obtain credit or loans, unless permission is given by the Minister
  6. performance manage the principal or any other staff member.



On behalf of the Hawker Park School Board I would like to welcome our current families and prospective families to Hawker Parker Primary School. Hawker Park is a wonderful school with an embracing school community. We have wonderful teachers and support staff, who have high expectations for students and help bring out the best in all children.

As a Board we work in collaboration with school leaders to provide input into school directions and priorities. Our Board is made up of a diverse group of parents, community members and school staff who are passionate about helping Hawker Park be the best school that it can be. I would encourage all parents to consider a position on the Board should one arise.

Hawker Park Primary School provides and inclusive environment that values kindness, manners and respect and supports all students in their learning journey. The School has created a number of successful partnerships with agencies and organisations that enrich the curriculum for students and is well supported by a very active and committed P&C.

I hope that all of our students enjoy their experience at Hawker Park Primary school and make the most of the wide variety of learning experiences available to them.


school board meeting minutes

School Board Meeting Minutes 26.3.2019

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