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In Science we have been looking at Earth and Space.

The year ones have been investigating how the world around us changes between day and night, natural and human made, and how a plant grows from a seed.

In year two we have been exploring the water cycle and how we use water in our everyday life. We took a walk around the school and identified evidence of water use and studied what happens when rain falls on different surfaces.

How do we get night and day? The year 3s have been learning about how the rotation of the Earth around the sun gives us night and day. They created models to demonstrate how the moon rotates around the Earth while the Earth rotates around the Sun giving us ‘night and day’ and a year.

In year 4 we have been working with various rock and soil samples to gain a better understanding of the Earth’s surface. Students collected rock and soil samples and examined them to determine differences and similarities. We also looked at different soil solutions and the three main types of rocks, (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous), and how they form the rock cycle.

Learning Adventures – Science

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