The canteen is available for all students (K-6) every Wednesday and Friday.

Children place their lunch order before school, the lunches are delivered to individual classrooms and distributed by the classroom teacher.

You can place your lunch order in the box provided in the canteen from 8.00 – 8.30am.

Lunches may be ordered via a lunch order bag (available from the canteen at 5c each or 20 for 80c)

A lunch bag is to be completed with details of your child’s name, classroom number and teachers name followed by the menu items required.

Please wrap your money in glad wrap or foil and place inside the lunch bag.  Any change will be taped to the child’s lunch order bag.

Recess items are not to be ordered on the lunch bag.

Yr 1- 6 students come to the canteen at recess to select recess food that is available.

For further details please call the canteen on (08) 9447 0691 on canteen days.


Please view canteen menu here:
2020_Term 2 Hungry Hawker


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