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On Tues 10 March the students in TA3 visited the Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre where the children had the opportunity to get involved in hands-on, outdoor learning experience and discover the tiny aquatic life, which live in Herdsman’s Lake.

They started with a quick lesson on insects, to create a common understanding.

Next students went outside and used scoop-nets to collect the tiny aquatic animals. They were asked to identify, sort and classify their catches, before putting the critters back in the lake.

Then off we went for a walk to explore and observe the surrounds of the lake, spotting birds, frogs and trees to learn about how an ecosystem operates and specially to learn how the tiny critters they just scooped, are all part of one big food chain.

We finished with some hands-on animal time as the students are taught about some of the animals of the lake; we have in the displays of the Wildlife Centre.

By the end of this learning experience, students will have:

  • Conducted an independent or group investigation of aquatic life at Herdsman Lake
  • Identified some freshwater macro-invertebrates and discussed their lifecycles, their importance in the wetland food web and described the adaptations that help them survive in their habitat
  • Learnt some ecological terms and concepts &
  • Used some of their senses to explore and make observations about plants, animals, the land and water

Click on the link below to see the amazing experience that they all had.

Herdsman Lake Wild Life Centre

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