Faction Carnival

In week 7 on Thursday, the whole school participated in the 2019 faction carnival. Before that, some of the children participated in long jump, throws and 200 and 400m runs on Tuesday. For the duration of Thursday, students took part in a number of events, such as team games and flat races. The team games included pass ball, tunnel ball, star relay and many more. Congratulations to all medal winners and well done to everybody. The faction carnival was a blast and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves.


Junior: 1st – Beau, 2nd – Fletcher

Intermediate: 1st – Griffin, 2nd – Jaren

Senior: 1st – Hunter, 2nd – Nik


Junior: 1st – Jasmine, 2nd – Keira

Intermediate: 1st – Niamh, 2nd – Tahlia

Senior: 1st – Phoebe, 2nd – Grace

The overall faction winner was Paterson. Congratulations on your win Paterson.

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