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Welcome to our website for Hawker Park Primary School. We hope you find the information here useful. Some areas of the website are still under construction so please be patient as we continue to add content.

At Hawker Park Primary School we seek to ensure that all students develop the social and academic skills, understandings and attitudes to reach their optimum potential that will enable them to participate in, and contribute effectively to society.

Message From Principal

Welcome to Hawker Park Primary School where we grow your child’s talent and potential.

Hawker Park Primary School offers an outstanding educational experience which your child will cherish for the rest of their life. We value quality education in a safe and encouraging environment, where your child will learn respect, leadership and life-long learning from our highly professional staff.

We encourage students to excel in all areas, particularly academically. Our curriculum is full of variety and exciting learning activities, where students can reach these goals..Students are supported by a hand-picked team of professionals with a wide range of expertise, experience and talent.

At Hawker Park Primary School, our motto is 'Together We Grow'. This epitomizes students, staff and parents working together in a spirit of cooperation and teamwork to make sure all students receive a quality education.

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